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Thank you for your interest in Anderson Elite Solutionz.  Anderson Elite Solutionz is the Leading KINGDOM Solutions Company to meet your business or personal needs on a quality, yet more affordable Level. We provide Extensive Customer Service and Client Confidentiality to our Clients all over the World. We treat each Client with our One on One attention to help get their needs met. We value each Customer. We attribute the success of our Dynamic Company to the Educated, outgoing People behind our Network. As a growing Company, we are always looking for quality people to serve...... and Partner with.  If you are in need of any product or service, we are here to serve you.  Contact us today to set-up your Appointment for World-Class Service at our Office in Irvine, California  

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Anderson Elite Solutionz  

Trust Me, We have Seen your Computer Issue Before, Don’t Panic: Leave it up to the Computer Doctors!

We Service 25-50  or more computer Systems in any given week! 

In short, we've probably seen the computer problem you're having. From viruses, spyware to networking and email issues, we've fixed them all! We are very familiar with the most common office suites, high speed internet services, and computer peripherals. Even if the problem involves something new to us, we are extremely successful in solving it!


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